Our Story

Silk E-Way (Silkeway) was created at the peak of a difficult period of pandemic, when people were forced or voluntarily had to work remotely, began to devote more time and attention to home, family and their own health, beauty, nutrition, changed consumption habits.  And we are not an exception, we began to care more about each other, the environment, we started to use more natural, clean products in beauty, health and nutrition.

The pandemic has changed the way people think about the beauty industry. They started to be more selective in products, changed consumption attitude, product preferences, shopping experience. And our task is to help brands, partners find their consumer, right place and way to success, as once was the history of the Silk Road, where at one time the caravan road connected traders, opened new products, new places, thereby developing the distribution network for a long time. Our Values:

We value Engagement and trust in relationship with partners, focus on problem solving and Exceeding Expectation

We bring only Effective, Efficient, Essential products

We perform Exceptional service, delivers Easy way solution

With solid, strong experience of working in the world’s large beauty companies, manufacturers, distribution company from junior to top manager, especially in sales & marketing, business development, as well as knowledge of products and market specifics – Silkeway team is here and ready to help in engaging together to develop joint business, find efficient and effective solutions for brand distribution, trade network and add value by providing exceptional products and services.

We are here

We are Silkeway

Value. Bring. Perform


Salta Amreyeva