We are London based distribution company of international premium, natural beauty & wellbeing brands into the UK market. Our mission is engaging together to develop our partner’s business, find efficient and effective solutions for product distribution, trade network and add value by providing exceptional products and services. Our products are always sustainable, clean, eco, unique and premium.

We make the time and effort to understand our partners’ businesses, markets and product needs. Our team are specialists in their fields and have a proactive, flexible approach to helping clients overcoming the challenges they face. We aim to be as innovative and entrepreneurial as our clients.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to launch your amazing, effective product, or an experienced distributor to develop your established brand in the UK –  SILKEWAY has an expertise, skills and relationships to open doors and get you noticed. UK Health & Beauty market provides huge opportunities for new brands and there is no better time to launch your product range to a captive UK audience.

Let us make it happen.

Our Main Services

Go-To-Market & Distribution​

Defining right product messaging, positioning, pricing, customers or even distribution modelling are always not easy task, especially in oversaturated, competitive market. Having right Go-To-Market strategy through market research & insight – that’s essential step in building, developing brand and having solid experience in market research, sales & distribution in UK market – we are here to help you to find right place for your product.

Marketing Strategy

As well as, having in-depth understanding of the UK Health & Beauty Market, built up over years, also holding relationship with retailers – we are here to develop dynamic, localised marketing strategies from traditional to contemporary marketing activities to support your brand approach, vision,  target, and celebrate together the conquest and increase in market share.

Logistic Services

Whether it is just fulfilment of your brand for the UK market or a more rounded services, we are here, to take care of all your requirements to perform exceptional service, easy way solution. We take a conceptual approach ensuring every decision meets the central goals of brand growth and customer satisfaction.

Why to Choose Us

…values Engagement and trust in relationship with partners, focus on problem solving and Exceeding Expectation

…brings only Effective, Efficient, Essential products

…performs Exceptional service, delivers Easy way solution

…has solid Experience and skills to Establish & Grow brands in UK